How to Prepare for a Job Interview [for SBI PO, RBI, SSC, IBPS]

It is not enough to prepare yourself for the written exams only (bank PO, SSC, RBI etc), you need to prepare for PI (Personnel Interview) also. After cracking the written exam many aspirants fails to grab the job only because of their lack of preparation for the job interview. Now you might think what will be the key tips to follow while preparing for a job interview. No need to worry for that, we are providing solid techniques to polish yourself for an interview. Most importantly, these techniques are given by some of the aspirants who have succeeded in their interviews specially bank PO and UPSC interviews.

Main tips for preparing for a job interview

Try to make sound communication skill:-You must improve your English communication skill otherwise all your hard work will be meaningless. So, if your communication skill is too poor and therefore you are not so much confident in speaking English, then you can take various steps for improving your skill- for example

  • You can follow English news paper and read it by making sound on a regular basis. After a few months of practicing you surely know yourself how your fluency has improved.

  • Secondly, you may maintain a diary to note down the unknown words and through which you can enrich your word stock.

  • As we all know that practice is the best way for perfection therefore you should practice speaking regularly with your friends especially with those friends who are good in English. But don’t hesitate in speaking thinking about your probable mistake.

  • Moreover, for improving your pronunciation you may watch English movie with subtitle, English news or listen to English songs. Also, you can follow YouTube videos regarding English communication skills.

  • Increase the Knowledge about Current Affairs

    Suppose you have cleared IBPS exam and you are called for PI. Then, though it is necessary to increase the knowledge about current affairs by reading CSR and other magazines or business newspapers like Economic Times, Times of India etc, but you also need to study more precisely regarding banking sectors. In bank interview, interviewer wants to know how much knowledge you have regarding banking work, so they may ask any banking questions. Therefore you have to study in detail about current affairs of RBI and all the banking affairs. Also you have to study the complete profile about that particular company or institution in which you have to be selected.

    Find out the most frequently asked questions from your C.V

    Suppose you have a multiple work experience acquired from various companies, now one diplomatic question might be arise in interviewers mind i.e., “why are you changing your job most frequently?" At this juncture, you don’t be frustrated and nervous instead you can just honestly say that Sir, my salary was not enough for me so I did that. Here, I am satisfied with the salary offered by your company and I am ready to do any kind of task given by the company. Again, suppose your qualification is too high than the requirement of a job. Then interviewer may ask a critical question i.e., why are you applying for this sort of small job? And say that we have no need any highly qualified candidate because you may leave the job when you get a better job. Basically by this question they test your presence of mind and confidence, so you can reply with a mild smile and politely say that sir, i want to settle down in a company with a decent salary and growth which are availed in your company and job security too, so no more question arise regarding leaving of the job.

    Basic preparation through which you can make positive impression


    Body language:- You should enter the interview hall with a mild smile and stand near by the seat where the candidates are allowed to sit. But remember don’t sit until and unless allowed by them. Moreover, when they allow you to sit down then you just say thank you and after that you may sit there. Now, question is what sort of body language you have to show in front of them-

  • You should sit straight and keep your hands in your knees but remember, don’t keep your legs and knees much closer instead, you should maintain a decent gap between your both legs and knees.

  • Eye contact-when you communicate with the interviewer, you should make eye to eye contact which will show your confidence level.

  • Grooming- You need to be conscious about your dress for a job interview and always remember that you have to look professional. So, boys should wear well ironing formal shirt and trousers with coat and tie as well as well polished formal shoes. Also, they should look very clean and tidy therefore their beard should be well saved and maintain a decent hair style. As far as girls are concerned, they should also look professional so they can wear coat, pent or sari also. But women should avoid dangling jewellery and they should make up their face with natural make-up pack but should not over do it. They should also keep their nail clean and short with less brighten nail polish.

  • Some common question asked by the interviewer in a job interview

  • Tell me about yourself briefly

  • In this kind of question, you no need to repeat the things which are already mentioned in your C.V rather you can explain your positivism and knowledge in a particular subject through which you can impress the interviewer. For instance, you have done something for the society that you can share with them proudly with a less no of words. Moreover, you also try to be outspoken so that they can easily know what exactly you are.

  • Which subject you like most?

  • Suppose you like Mathematics but you don’t have enough knowledge in mathematics so it’s better to choose another subject in which you are more comfortable as well as have depth knowledge in that subject so that you can reply more confidently if the interviewer asks any question in that following subject.
    Finally some interesting questions I have left for the viewers, you may try to reply in the comment section and can show your potentiality-

  • Why have you applied for this job?
  • Why do you think that you are fit for this job?
  • Give one reason why we you are to be selected?
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