Best Books on C Programming for B.Sc or Undergraduate Courses

Market is flooded with lots of books that has been written on C programming. So, it's very difficult to choose the right one which can promise to help us in all respect from understanding of the contents to exam preparation. Also, many of you may not be able to afford for two or three reference books as it doesn't come free of cost, right? If you feel that you are one of them , then you need to pick up that book which contains almost all the contents that your syllabus covers, also which can give you proper understanding by reading yourself. That's why we always pick up the best one for you. If you were searching for a best books on C programming for B.Sc Physics or undergraduate level , then you have landed over the right place.

We picked up four books for B.Sc courses. These are “Programming with C” by Gottfried, “Let us C” by Kanetkar, “Programming in ANSI C” by E. Balaguruswamy and “ A First Course in Programming with C” by T. Jeyapoovan. Out of these four books, the one that we found and believed to be the best is A First Course in Programming with C by T. Jeyapoovan.

A First Course in Programming with C



“A First Course in Programming with C” is written by T Jeyapoovan, senior faculty, Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai. The book is published by Vikash Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. The printed price of the book is Rs. 350. However, if you are an online shopper, then you might get it at some good discounts. You can check the Amazon page and Flipkartpage for prices in that case.

Why we choose as Best

Because it's easy to understand. Things are so illustrated in simple language that makes it ideal for self study. The book is exposed in fourteen chapters. The first chapter simply explains the basics of computing, computer software and hardware, accessories etc. Second chapter provides in-depth coverage to algorithm, flowchart etc. The later chapter slowly enters to the complex part which you never likely to feel. The book contains about 134 solved and tested programming exercise, about 234 review questions and 272 short questions and their answers. Review questions & exercises, short questions and answers are included at the end of every chapter. This will definitely help in preparing for exams as well as interviews.

Final Words!

What's your view on it? Did you find any good books on C programming that you wish to recommend ? Certainly, we will be very happy if we can add some other best books from your recommendations. Looking forward for your remarks.....

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